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The Pakistan Super League- Underbelly Of Sleaze Money

The Pakistan Super league has fired the imagination of individuals around the globe. For the moment cricket that had been terrible sport in relation to golf plus football is now at par with them. This’s no doubt due to the Pakistan Super league; cricket is now the power house of the game as much as financial is concerned.

But everything is not rosy and underneath the underbelly black money and flaunting of international exchange regulations is probably considerably the rule than the different. Some time back Mahesh Bhat that smart Mumbai producer had produced’ Jannat’ a film with cricket plus its nexus with betting and match fixing as its history. The film produced the connection between dark money and cricket.’Jannat’ was just a story, though the unfortunate part is it’s turning out to be genuine. The toll has been serious to begin with. Shashi Tharoor the Junior Minister within the Indian box must resign last month. Whether he’d any great role to play and was just a front male might not be established. Though the outcome of Tharoor’s resignation has broad ramifications. Evidence that is available surely implies that every one is not well with the financial dealings of the premier League.

The things which have to be probed are not restricted to the final auction where Kochi staff had been the winners, but must handle the whole league and that is under a cloud of suspicion. A clean up of the cricket establishment led by the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in Pakistan) and the kid of its the PSL is now important. The BCCI has acted and also suspended Lalit Modi as the CEO of the ICL. But this might not be more than enough to discover the path of dark cash on the Gulf into this game.