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What Is My Philosophy As A Criminal Attorney?

I’ve not ever been charged with a DUI. I’m blessed, I believe. And recently I’m making better choices before driving and drinking. I believe that has a great deal to do with the fact that I’m a NY criminal lawyer and understand the outcome of becoming charged with DUI, if they’re fair or not. But others I understand harbor ‘t been so blessed. I’ve brothers that have DUI convictions. My father has obtained a DUI. And I’ve got some friends that were broken for DUI. Exactly like everybody does probably.

And that is part of the reason why I became a DUI attorney and criminal defense lawyer. Since every day ordinary men and women are out there facing criminal charges for making one bad choice. It’s highly likely that for the entirety of their own lives before that night that they had been upstanding citizens, after the law and going about their regular lives. And today what’s in upheaval and the scary thing is that a conviction can follow you around forever.

So that you come for me, and that I work for one to offer you another opportunity, to keep your record clean, to proceed beyond that one bad choice and keep on with your daily life with just a lesson learned from tow.

Now, second odds mean a great deal of different things to lots of different men and women. And what I do as a criminal defense lawyer isn’t only earn a couple phone calls and take the first deal that is supplied. No, I really do a whole lot more than that. My goal is obviously, for each and every client I have, dismissal. Charges dropped. End of case, proceed as if nothing occurs. And that I get that outcome from time to time.

Second chances, however, for the most part, imply a dismissal after time, or a decrease in fees to some minimum offense, or even no jail time plus a light nice. For most circumstances, it truly depends on what the details are. The more leverage I’ve got, the greater your situation ends up to be. The less leverage I’ve got, the worse your situation ends up to be. And contrary to popular belief, we’re not miracle workers. We can’t pull a bunny from a hat. So occasionally we’re restricted in what we can do.